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General Donations could be used to support any or all projects funded by IHRC Trust


Currently there are thousands of children, women and men suffering as the result of the violence of the Nigerian police and army. Members of the Islamic Movement have been routinely targeted, with over 1500 killed in the last three years alone. They have left behind dependents who are often destitute and shunned. Families are left without enough income for basic necessities like food and clothing, children lose out on education.

Rohingya Appeal

The Rohingya are fleeing violence and persecution, and desperately need your support. IHRC Trust is raising funds to help MAPIM deliver critical aid to Rohingya refugees who have fled to Bangladesh and Malaysia.


Sadaqah can support departmental work such as the advocacy department which assists individual victims of hate crime/abuse and discrimination


Yemen is witnessing the largest humanitarian crisis in the world. COVID-19 is ravishing an already vulnerable population with four times the deaths from the disease than the global average. IHRC Trust is seeking your donations to assist some of the most oppressed people on earth.


Zakat will support projects like our hate crime/Islamophobia project
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