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For Liberty: The Impact of the French Ban on the Islamic Headscarf and other Religious Symbols in Schools / Arzu Merali

In March 2004, the French government introduced a ban on religious symbols in French schools. This book explores the effects of that law on what was largely perceived to be its actual target group: Muslim girls and young women.

On the Sociology of Islam / Ali Shariati

Second Edition (Algorithm, UK, 2017)
From £6.99

The Life and Marriage of Fatimah al-Zahrah / Luqman al-Andalusi

The Jewels of the Ahlul Bayt Volume II
From £9.99

The Prisoners' Diaries: Palestinian Voices from the Israeli Gulag / Norma Hashim

The Prisoners’ Diaries: Palestinian Voices from the Israeli Gulag, edited by Norma Hashim, in close collaboration with the Centre for Political & Development Studies, Gaza, 2013.

Broken Promises / Omar F Ahmed

This report looks at the history of struggle against the Bahraini regime.
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