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Social Discrimination: Across the Muslim Divide / Ameli et. al /. Download

Download (pdf). The second in the British Muslims' Expectations of the Government series.

The Universal Theology of Liberation: Views from Muslim History / M. N. M. Nasir, D. Abdullah / Download

Download version. Part of the IHRC series on Liberation Theology.

The Long View Quarterly Magazine Volume 1, Issue 3

September 2019 / Muharram 1441

The Long View Quarterly Magazine Volume 1, Issue 4

November 2019 / Rabiul Awwal 1441

Genocide Memorial Day Anthology: 2012 – 2019

Intro by Ibrahim Sincere

The Long View Quarterly Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1

February 2020 / Jumada II 1441

Tales of Mini Maryam / Kosser Abdul Aziz

Hardcover. 22 Pages.
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