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Books on all Palestine and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 

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Jerusalem Interrupted: Modernity and Colonial Transformation 1917 - Present

Edited and Introduced by Lena Jayyusi Paperback 499 Pages Published 2015

Leila Khaled: Icon of Palestinian Liberation / Sarah Irving

Part of Pluto Press 'Revolutionary Lives' Series

On Antisemitism: Solidarity and the Struggle for Justice in Palestine

Jewish Voice For Peace. Foreword by Judith Butler

Out of the Frame / Ilan Pappe

This revealing work, written with dignity and humour, highlights Israel's difficulty in facing up to its past and forging a peaceful, inclusive future in Palestine.

Palestine...It Is Something Colonial / Hatem Bazian

The 6th Title in Amrit's 'Decolonising the Mind' Series

Prisoner of Love / Jean Genet

Introduction by Ahdaf Soueif

The Battle For Justice in Palestine / Ali Abunimah

Published 2014, 285 Pages
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