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Islamic perspectives on health and science, including the history of scientific research and contemporary studies into various fields.  

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Adolescence: A Booklet on Sexual Health From an Islamic Perspective / Humera Khan

Published by: Iman Publishing; An-Nisa Society; Khan, Humera; Training Publications Limited In: 1997 Paperback: 48 pages Language: English
£1.80 £2.00

Against Smoking: An Ottoman Manifesto / Ahmad al-Aqhisari

Introduction, First Edition and Translation by Yahya Michot Hardback
£7.20 £8.00

Al-Biruni's Treatise On Eclipses / Norzakiah Saparmin

A translation and commentary of Treatise VIII of al-Qanun al-Masu'di
£12.59 £13.99
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