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Books concerning the spirituality and philosophical traits of Islam. Includes books on the metasphysics and Tawhid. 

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Al-Ghazali; Invocations & Supplications / trans. by K. Nakamura

Kitab al-adhkar wa'l-da'awat Book IX of The Revival of the Religious Sciences; Ihya' ulum al-Din

Al-Ghazali; Letter to a Disciple / trans. Tobias Mayer

Ayyuha'l-Walad Bilingual English-Arabic Edition Paperback

Al-Ghazali; Love, Longing, Intimacy and Contentment / trans. by Eric Ormsby

Kitab al-Mahabba wa'l Shawq wa'l-Uns wa'l-Rida Book XXXVI of the Revival of the Religious Sciences; Iyha 'ulum al-Din Paperback
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