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About the book:

After a widely successful tour across the globe, Beyond Bilal: Black History in Islam finds its way to your bookshelf. Beyond Bilal: Black History in Islam is the breakthrough and pioneering lecture by writer, lecturer, and educator Mustafa Briggs. Beyond Bilal explores and uncovers the deep rooted relationship between Islam and Black History, from Black Prophets and prominent figures in the Qur’an, to the unknown black Sahaba and scholars of the early generations, the history of Islam in Africa, and the legacy of contemporary African Islamic scholarship and its role in the International Relations of the Muslim World. This book also contains Mustafa Briggs’ other two lectures, Before Malcolm X: History of Islam in the Americas, and Daughters of Fatima: Female Scholarship in the Islamic Tradition. From Oxford to Cambridge, Harvard to Yale, and now to you in book format for the very first time.

About the author:

Mustafa Briggs is a historian, writer and renowned speaker. He holds an undergraduate degree in Arabic and International Relations from the University of Westminster, where he wrote a dissertation on Arabic Literature and Literacy in West Africa. Mustafa also holds an MA in Translation from SOAS, University of London, specializing in Arabic and Islamic texts. Mustafa is known for his lecture series ‘Beyond Bilal: Black History in Islam’, which explores the ties between Islam and Black history and the legacy of African Islamic scholarship. These lectures were held at numerous prestigious universities including Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, and Yale. Mustafa’s work has gained international recognition and has made significant contributions to the understanding of Islam and its relationship to Black history.
He is currently pursuing his studies at al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt, where he is specializing in Islamic Studies and Arabic.