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According to the Shaykh Subedar, Imam Abu Hanifah is a very misunderstood to the English speaking Muslim community and one of the reasons is because his works is not directly translated in to English and therefore the author believes that it is crucial for students of knowledge, especially in the west, need to have direct access to Abu Hanifah’s works to see what his actual positions were. The discussion then went in to the various groups that oppose the works of Imam Abu Hanifah especially in regards to his credentials as a scholar. Shaykh Subedar responded by saying that Imam Abu Hanifah was not a conventional muhaddith as he was focused only on hadith analysis, not reporting. This has resulted in different accusations against Imam Abu Hanifah due to his method of operation and Shaykh Subedar hopes that this book will help clarify certain misconceptions people might have about the Imam.

Shaykh Subedar mentioned some online groups that were hostile to Imam Abu Hanifah. They then spoke about the format of the book which was somewhere in between Imam al Bukhari’s Sahih Bukhari and Imam Maliks Muwattah and when asked about that, Shaykh Subedar stated that he followed the same method of Imam Al Bukhari because that was the method that Imam Abu Hanifah used. The discussion then went in to the methods they used to derive fatwas and what Imam Abu Hanifah’s priorities were. They mention Imam Abu Hanifah’s arrest and Shaykh Subedar noted that Imam Abu Hanifah never intended to be a political figure, he just refused to take a position that was needed by the state due to him being a qadi. They then talked about how the author wrote the book, what his future projects were and his aims and objectives behind the book.

Ustadh Nisar opened up the event for futher Q&A which covered topics such as Islamic history, tradition, who the target audience is, how the author found the time to write the book, hadith commentary and more information about Abu Hanifah.